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We enable a culture of safety at academic institutions, helping students, faculty and staff to safely focus on pursuing their passions. Originally founded to support one of the world's leading research institutions -- the University of California -- Risk and Safety Solutions provides mobile, web-based tools to support universities throughout the nation in teaching, research and public service.


Our innovative solutions help improve safety and compliance in a variety of environments

Sarah Quezada performing an inspection
  • Research Facilities

    Research Facilities

    Assess hazards, streamline the use authorization process and manage your chemical inventory

  • Workplaces


    Detect and correct potential injuries before they occur and track accommodation efforts following an injury

  • Food Service Areas

    Food Service Areas

    Conduct mobile food safety inspections and track the use of proper non-slip footwear

  • Industrial

    Industrial Shops

    Effectively manage and share Lockout/Tagout procedures

  • Food Safety Labs and Other Waste Generators

    Labs and Other Waste Generators

    Efficiently label, track, collect and dispose of hazardous waste

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