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  • Available Now!
    August 8, 2019
    Assessment updates

    What's new?

    Welcome to the new way to conduct your lab hazard assessment! Here are the enhancements you can expect in the new RSS Safety Platform.

    coming soonEasier login

    • No more need to choose your campus from the long list in InCommon! You’ll enter your campus email in a new login page and be immediately directed to your campus’ authentication service.


    New homepage

    • We are moving our products to the new RSS Platform, which will make it easy to access the features you need right from the homepage. We are starting with lab hazard  and will move other RSS products over in the next months.


    Role-based access to RSS products

    • We know it’s important that each lab member only has access to the appropriate RSS solutions used in your lab. Beginning August 5th, you’ll be able to edit your hazard assessment roster without affecting member access to Chemicals, WASTe and other RSS tools. We are moving our products to the new RSS Platform, which will let PIs and their lab contacts provide product-specific access for each lab member. During the transition you’ll be able to edit the roster for your hazard assessment in the new platform and edit the roster for other RSS products in Profile.

    Real-time emails to new roster members

    • No more waiting until Monday mornings for your new staff to get their email asking them to acknowledge the hazard assessment for your lab. Emails will now be sent immediately!

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