Behind the Scenes and Under the Carpet: How RSS Maintains Balance

  • Behind the Scenes and Under the Carpet: How RSS Maintains Balance
    April 23, 2019
    celebrating Holi the festival of color

    Behind the scenes at Risk & Safety Solutions (RSS).
    We do what we can so that employees across all organizations are able to go home at the end of their work day. Behind the software there is a team of people who work hard to ensure that safety is our number one priority. We enjoy what we do, and sometimes we also like to stop and smell the roses. Safety is serious work, but it is important to enjoy some lighthearted fun. Studies show that a healthy dose of fun can improve productivity, and who doesn't enjoy a good smile? Here are some of the ways we lighten up at RSS.

    We throw parties and we throw color.
    Holi was in March and RSS joined the color-throwing fun! We gathered to celebrate spring, diversity and the brightness that life has to offer.

    Food. We love patricks celebration group photo
    At our St. Patrick’s Day potluck RSS members joined together to prepare a feast fit for some office fun. We also enjoyed some healthy competition indulging in lawn games.

    We eat all the cake.
    During Valentine’s Day this year our Fun Committee decided to give into those sugary cravings by hosting a cookie exchange. We also took some pretty silly pictures as a result!

    We celebrate winter with the warmth of a (virtual) fire.
    virtual fire, jason and stevenDuring the holiday season we kicked back next to our virtual fire and exchanged some White Elephant gifts while munching on tacos. Because who doesn't love gifts, tacos and virtual fires?
    Most importantly, we understand the importance of balance.
    RSS is filled with a great group of people who are passionate about safety technology. Behind the scenes at RSS, you will find an innovative group of people navigating an energetic work environment; and occasionally you may spot us enjoying the simple pleasures of an office potluck!


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