Compliance for the 21st Century

Our integrated Safety Suite empowers you with the tools to address safety and compliance in laboratories, hospitals and other workspaces. Our analytics help you make informed decisions and support organizations’ efforts to meet regulatory and accrediting requirements.

Chemical ManagementRSS Graphic

Chemicals is a chemical inventory management tool that allows users to quickly add chemicals to an inventory. Chemicals includes a library of chemicals that are referenced to populate chemical details, including hazards and first aid information. The application is available in a native phone application as well as for tablet and desktop.

Compliance Reporting

Data from our chemical inventory management system provides a wide range of analytics. Quickly display information on quantity, location and size of chemical containers. Run MAQ reports or other regulatory reports such as CFATS and OSHA-regulated carcinogens.

Biological Use Authorization

Biosafety provides an efficient software solution for managing biological use and reaching compliance. Researchers, Institutional Biosafety Committee members and EH&S staff all have access to different components of the system based on their job functions and needs, allowing all users to accurately and actively manage Biological Use Authorizations throughout the lifecycle. The IBC Meeting agenda builder and ability to track comments between EH&S and researchers, facilitates use authorization revisions and the approval process. Additionally, the system has many customizable options, including the ability to have a custom BUA form, emails and renewal intervals.

Radiation Management

Radiation electronically manages your radioactive materials use. This means if you manage your inventory in the system, a paper usage log will not be necessary. Additionally, the system tracks all decay calculations for your radioactive materials in real time and validates against your labs allotted limits, therefore manually tracking the calculations is also not necessary.


Inspect allows users in a variety of settings to complete audits and inspections with the convenience of a mobile app. It provides a streamlined way to record issues, track resolutions and analyze trends. Our complete solution reduces your day-to-day overhead, helps track follow-up items and documents improvements over time.

Hazard Management

Assessment allows principal investigators to conduct a hazard assessment relevant to their research environment, and receive recommendations for proper protective equipment, training and procedures. Those recommendations can then be tracked and reports can be run all within the software platform.

Monitor tracks data related to the monitoring of campus research personnel for chemical exposures.

Procedures is a flexible, customizable procedure management system that allows you to manage procedures for a variety of work settings. Examples include Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), chemical experiments and chemical banding. It includes a searchable library of procedures that can be cloned and edited to fit specific user needs. Procedures is available for mobile phones (iPhone and Android) as well as for tablets or desktops.

Hazardous Waste Management

Waste provides automated hazardous waste tracking, tag generation and pick-up for proper disposal, as well as an interface between Principal Investigators (PIs), lab staff and the waste management staff for the campus.

UAS Fleet Management

Drones lets users register unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), pilots and scheduled flights as well as access flight history and incident reporting.

Analytics analytics chart

Assessment Dashboard enables a user to conduct a comparative analysis on their data related to labs, assessments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Inspect Dashboard identifies historical trends, provides analysis of findings and tracks progress of inspections.

Drones Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all flights and aircraft information, including the location, duration and purpose of flights as well as the different models of aircrafts , total number of pilots and pilot location.

Waste Dashboard provides a historical analysis of the time between waste tag generation, tag pick-up and tag shipment. Users can compare and contrast the time between each activity to track overall performance and identify if goals are being met.