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Whether you are new to our safety platform or just looking for a training refresher, our RSS academy is here to help! Register below for a live, online session hosted by trainers who provide in-depth walkthroughs and Q&As.

Trainings offered this quarter are:

Inspect for Administrators

Inspect allows EH&S to perform inspections using a mobile device. Report management and data analytics are accessed on the desktop version of Inspect. Join us to find out more!

Inspect Analytics Dashboards

Inspect has two Analytics dashboards- the Inspect dashboard and the Inspect Admin dashboard. Join us to learn more about what data the dashboard provide and how to run reports.

Inspect for Inspectors and Surveyors

Inspect allows a single inspector or surveyor or a team to conduct an inspection. Inspect also allows lab owners or principal investigators to conduct a self inspection. Join us to find out how!

Lab Hazard Assessment

The Lab Hazard Assessment provides Principal Investigators with a method for identifying hazards in a lab environment and also recommends Personal Protective Equipment for lab staff based on the identified hazards. Join us to learn more!

RSS Chemicals

Chemicals allows users to manage the chemical inventory for their lab using mobile devices or a desktop computer. This training will go over how to start an inventory, how to add and remove containers on both mobile and desktop, as well as best practices for utilizing the system to keep an up to date inventory.

RSS Chemicals for Chemical Admins

Chemicals is a full featured chemical inventory system. The administrative role, called Chem Admin, has full access to the system. In this training, we will go over the features available to Chem Admins including inventory management, Campus inventory search and export, common tasks, and reports including the Chemicals Dashboard, CERS, CFATS, and MAQ reports.


RSS Radiation allows you to safely manage all aspects of your radioactive material and machine use from the initial permit request to the final waste pickup. Join us to learn about the RSS Radiation solution, how UC uses it, and how you can use it in your lab work as a PI.

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