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Whether you are new to our safety platform or just looking for a training refresher, our RSS academy is here to help! Register below for a live, online session hosted by trainers who provide in-depth walkthroughs and Q&As.

Trainings offered this quarter are:

Away: Travel Registration

Online training for the Away solution.

Away allows UC affiliated travelers to register their trip and obtain traveler's insurance. The new version of Away provides the added ability to edit existing trips.

Biosafety for Biosafety Admins

Biosafety allows Principal Investigators (PIs) to apply for a Biological Use Authorization (BUA). This webinar focuses on the administration of BUAs, including the new side by side comparison of BUA versions.

Biosafety for PIs

Biosafety allows Principal Investigators (PIs)  to apply for a Biological Use Authorization (BUA). This webinar focuses on completing a new BUA, revising an existing BUA, updating personnel and more.

Chemicals Admin Training

Training for campus administrators with the Chem Admin role. Covers inventory management, Campus inventory export, searching the Master Library, reports (CFAT, CERS), Control Areas and Door Hazard Signs.

Chemicals for PIs, Delegates, and Lab Managers

Online training for RSS Chemicals inventory solution.

Chemicals allows users to manage the chemical inventory for their lab using mobile devices or a desktop. This training will go over how to start an inventory and how to manage it using both the mobile and desktop version.

Collections: Safety Coordinator Training

Online training for Safety Coordinators will include: Safety Coordinators will include a review of the access and functionalities of the role in RSS software solutions and a detailed look at Analytics Dashboard access.

Who should attend: anyone with the Collections: Safety Coordinator role and Profile Admins.

Drones Training

Online training for RSS Drones solution.

Drones provides the ability to monitor and track Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, to be in compliance with FAA regulations. The accompanying dashboard provides key data collected.

Inspect for Admins

Online training for RSS Inspect solution.

Inspect allows EH&S to perform inspections using a mobile device. Report management and data analytics are accessed on the desktop version of Inspect.

Inspect for Inspectors/Surveyors

Inspect allows lab owners (Principal Investigators) and lab managers to conduct inspections and self-inspections using a mobile device or desktop interface. This webinar will go over how to conduct the inspections.

Lab Hazard Assessment for PIs, Delegates, and Lab Members

Online training for RSS Lab Hazard Assessment solutions.

Profile allows users to create a lab group with associated people and locations. This group will be shared by all RS&S applications.

Lab Hazard Assessment provides Principal Investigators with a method for identifying hazards in a lab environment and also recommends Personal Protective Equipment for lab staff based on the identified hazards.

Profile 3

Online training for Profile.

RSS is excited to announce updates to Profile with Profile 3. Join us to dive in and see the enhancements!

Radiation Training

Online training for RSS Radiation solution.

Radiation allows users to manage their usage of radioactive materials. This includes submitting changes to RUAs, uploading documents and tracking these materials from arrival to disposal. Training will include submitting change requests, document management, log usage, submitting materials and waste pick up requests, and more.