Our Innovative Roots Run Deep

Risk and Safety Solutions was founded to support the University of California, one of the world's leading research institutions. Meeting the challenges presented by the institution's vast breadth of EH&S and Risk Management activities required a creative spirit and new ways of thinking.

Today that spirit continues as we expand our expertise to new activities and a wider range of business needs in the public and private sector.

Our Team


  • Diana Cox
    Diana Cox
    Associate Director of Business Development and Strategy
  • Safa Hussain
    Safa Hussain
    Executive Director
  • Cat Keeley
    Cat Keeley
    Associate Director DevOps
  • Connie Oberholster
    Connie Oberholster
    Business Intelligence Architect
  • Will Oleksy
    William Oleksy
    Agile Coach
  • Dung Phung
    Dung Phung
    Front End Architect
  • Eli Richmond
    Eli Richmond
    Dev-Ops Architect
  • Stefan Tomic
    Stefan Tomic
    Information Security Officer
  • Russell Vernon
    Russell Vernon
    EH&S Program Manager
  • Bee Yang
    Bee Yang
    Portfolio Manager

Board of Directors

  • Mark Cianca - Associate Vice President, Operational Services
    Mark Cianca
    UC System CIO
  • Kevin Confetti
    Kevin Confetti
    Chairperson and acting Chief Risk Officer
  • Safa Hussain
    Safa Hussain
    Executive Director
  • Viji Murali
    Viji Murali
    UC ITLC CIO Representative
  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith
    Executive Director, Environment Health & Safety

Award Winning Software

Our solutions are recognized as the industry's most innovative and trusted safety platforms.




Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Innovation Award

Chemical Inventory Administrator Solution (Innovation Award of Merit)
Pre-Inspection Report (Innovation Award of Merit)
Safety Spotlight Newsletter (Marketing Award of Merit)
2017 Risk Summit Campaign (Marketing Award of Honor)
Chemicals (Award of Honor)
Drones (Award of Honor)
Inspect (Award of Honor)
Procedures: Lockout/Tagout (Award of Merit)
Safety Inspection Tool (Award of Honor)
Hazard Assessment and Chemical Exposure Monitoring (HACEM) (Award of Merit)
Waste (Award of Commendation)
Employer's First Report (Spotlight on Innovation)
Risk Summit Campaign (Award of Merit)
Radiation Flier (Single Media Award)
Chemicals Flier (Single Media Award)
Inspect Video (Single Media Award)
Safety Spotlight Newsletter (Single Media Award)


National Safety Council Green Cross Award

CHEC logo

California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC)

Focus on Efficiency Award



Larry L. Sautter Innovation in Information Technology



California Certified Unified Program Agencies

Chemicals (Outstanding Industry/Trade Association Award)
Waste (Outstanding Industry/Trade Association Award)