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As a leading provider of innovative risk management and safety solutions, we can't wait to meet and network with like-minded professionals in the field. Come see us at booth five for a high-quality headshot, or chat with us at booth six and learn about our latest products and services designed to help you stay ahead of emerging risks.

Risk Summit Sessions Showcasing Speakers From RSS
Risk and Safety Solutions Platform Tuesday, May 9
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
California A 2nd Floor
RSS provides a health, safety, and compliance software platform, supporting safety programs and creating efficiencies. This presentation explores the future of the RSS Platform and how changing our approach to assessing client needs, solution design, and software development RSS enables us to deliver much-needed solutions in fractions of the time.

Speakers: Safa Hussain, Executive Director, Risk & Safety Solutions; Dung Phung, Architect, Risk & Safety Solutions; Hannah Perez, Applications Architect, Risk & Safety Solutions
A New Approach to Chemical Management - MAQs Deciphered Wednesday, May 10
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Oceanside 4th Floor
The Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) Chemical Task Force was convened by senior leadership to evaluate the current MAQ status at each location, develop solutions and pathways to compliance, and create educational resources. This session will provide an in-depth update on the report and recommendations of the UC Chemical Storage Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) Task Force.

Speakers: Brent Cooley, CIH, CSP, UCOP, EH&S Deputy Director; Megan Hall, PhD,UC Berkeley, Deputy Campus Fire Marshal; Chris Kolodziej , PhD, UCLA, EH&S Chemical Hygiene Officer; Russell Vernon, PhD, Risk & Safety Solutions, EH&S Business Development Manager
Machine Learning EH&S Wednesday May 10
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Capistrano AB 4th Floor
Join the Risk and Safety Solutions team for a presentation on future and current solutions within the RSS Platform. You will be introduced to some AI concepts and technology, learn what is on the roadmap for 2023, have an opportunity to provide feedback on existing solutions, or share your ideas about tackling new challenges through technology.

Speakers: Safa Hussain, Executive Director, Risk & Safety Solutions; Justin Sabo, Senior Product Developer, Risk & Safety Solutions; Stefan Tomic, Information Security Officer, Risk & Safety Solutions