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A Better Solution for Chemical Inventory Management

Risk and Safety Solutions built the chemical inventory management solution with the unique needs of academia, healthcare, and industry in mind. The management solution adds intuitive design to a comprehensive set of features for an unmatched inventory management experience.

The Features You Need, the Simplicity You Want


On the left, an icon of a hand holding a mobile phone with a background form managing inventory. In the middle, an icon of chemicals with phone barcodes being added. On the right, an icon of an individual at a laptop with building, location, and warning symbols in the background.
  • Ability to import existing data
  • Mobile app for day-to-day inventory management
  • SDS search and management
  • 2D and RFID barcoding capabilities and reconciliation
  • Chemical database with over 1 million verified chemical records
  • Role-based hierarchy for inventory and reporting access
  • Auto-generation of door hazard signs
  • Annual inventory certification
  • Ability to create and export custom data sets
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reporting

Track and Reconcile with RFID Tag Technology

  • Barcode scanning functionality on mobile to conveniently locate a container
  • Easy inventory reconciliation with 2D Barcodes and RFID tag technology


  • View chemical data by building, room, hazard class, owner, and many more customizable filters
  • Reporting is fast and easy with the ability to view and export HMIS, CERS/CUPA, CFATS, SOP compliance, and environmental reports
  • Keep you organization safe by analyzing MAQ reports within a robust portal for managing your chemical facilities and control areas
A graphic depicting a desktop, laptop, and mobile phone, each displaying various statistics such as graphs, data, and analytics.

Efficiently Managing MAQs

  • Calculate chemical MAQs for multiple control areas and occupancies in your multistory buildings, including outdoor storage areas, basements, or even sub-basements
  • Efficiently manage your fire code hazardous chemical limit compliance

RSS Marketplace

  • Our newest addition to our chemical management solution, RSS Marketplace offers a seamless online shopping experience and gives your store owners the tools to manage their business better
  • It also easily integrates with your procurement system

Purchasing Made Easy

Stockroom managers set prices and manage inventory display information

Customers add items to their cart and check out using verified accounts

Ordered chemicals are added directly into the lab’s online inventory

A blue graphic depicting a lightbulb illuminated.


  • Helps prevent over-ordering by providing materials-on-hand and chemicals-on-order during checkout
  • Reduces the administrative burden on research staff by eliminating manual and duplicative data entry
  • Helps maintain compliance by checking MAQs prior to transfer from stockroom to inventory

Bringing Efficiency to Labs in a Real-world Application

“For the EH&S department at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI), managing their organization’s chemical inventory was a labor intensive process…”

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