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Transform Your Ergonomics Program through
Data‑driven Decisions

Tracking ergonomic assessments and training, prioritizing risk, managing cases, and analyzing trends are challenges many organizations face.

The RSS Computer Ergonomics solution provides for all these needs in one easy-to-use online experience.

Flexibility to Fit Your Organization

Once assessments have been assigned, the job isn’t over. RSS provides critical tools to help your organization complete all parts of the risk management process, from initial assessment to professional evaluation to corrective measures and re-evaluation.

Increase Completion Rates

Increase Completion Rates

Track outstanding assessments with easy-to-view status pages

Risk Reassessment

Risk Reassessment

Assign follow-ups to track effectiveness of intervention

Next-step Notifications

Next-step Notifications

Automated emails and system notifications increase next-step follow-through

Risk Assessment Follow-through Made Easy

Risk scores help determine when professional help is needed

Provides resources for training as part of assessment

Corrective recommendations offered during and after assessment

Provide worker safety for office and home workstations

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