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Leverage Your Data for Efficiency & Risk Mitigation

Make use of collected data to reduce the risks at your organization. Whether deploying additional resources to high-risk areas or creating an outreach campaign to address top inspection findings, our analytics portal will help you quantify, communicate, and measure value. Our business intelligence platform provides reports and dashboards for every level in your organization while also giving you the ability to filter and export data to create custom reports for your unique needs. Access to the analytics framework is included with every subscription, and we continuously add compliance reports and dashboard parameters based on user feedback.


  • Filter, sort, and generate reports relevant to your needs.  
  • Use pre-formatted compliance reports to help you prepare for audits and inspections.
  • Export your data into Excel or PDF formats to meet your business objectives.

An analytical dashboard displaying various chemical inspection metrics, with graphs, charts, and data tables showcasing trends and analysis of chemical properties and processes.

A comprehensive Analytic dashboard is available for all of our safety solutions.