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Maximize Productivity with Waste Management Workflows

Eliminate manual processes and simplify the management of hazardous waste at your organization. Our solution provides a single interface for waste generators and waste management professionals to easily manage each step of the process from tag creation to consolidation and shipment offsite. Pickups are streamlined and critical data is readily available and easily accessible.


  • Manage five types (chemical, biological, radioactive, mixed, and universal) of hazardous waste with one system.
  • Quickly generate compliant waste labels with templates.
  • Automated alerts remind you when waste has reached the maximum number of days in accumulation.
  • Manage your campus’ waste pickup schedule from your mobile device.
  • Reduce the need for data entry with mobile and batch scanner compatibility.
A photograph showing multiple bottles of hazardous materials arranged together, each clearly labeled with identification and warning labels indicating their contents

Stay on top of your campus' hazardous material.