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Pesticide Application Plans in One Simple Solution

Applying pesticides on school grounds, ag land, and other sites is challenging for applicators as they work within strict regulations and balance usage against protecting public health and the environment. Our solution helps applicators make smart decisions about how and when to use pesticides and provides an online solution that automates the regulatory reporting process.

A graphic depicting an aircraft spraying a field with a tractor and container intersecting in the foreground.


A graphic featuring a scientist on the left inspecting a plant, and a scientist on the right examining guidelines through a magnifying glass placed over a tomato plant.

Provides applicators with helpful information such as weather, pesticide product information, and site details. Includes access to CA pesticide library including hazard & risk information.


A graphic depicting planning staff working on a computer with a calendar in the background, another staff member programming, and one staff member directing.

Elevated roles allow IPM Coordinators to:

  • See all plans in their jurisdiction
  • Monitor statuses of plans at a glance
  • Easily review the reporting queue

Compliance Simplified

An interface graphic showing a computer screen with selections A and B, one box checked, accompanied by content on the right side, and a call-to-action button below.

Enter Details

Select the type of plan and enter site and pesticide use information

A graphic depicting a person wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) spraying plants with pesticides from a canister.


Perform the application at the planned site

An interface graphic displaying a computer screen with a time and date grid, highlighting a selection with a timestamp of 1:45.


Complete the application plan to prepare it for automated submission


  • Applicators can quickly track their pesticide usage by location to help visualize types and quantities being applied
  • Helps inform decisions about application intervals and the amount and type of pesticide to use during future site visits
A graphic showing a desktop computer, a laptop, and a mobile phone, each displaying data and analytics on their screens.

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