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Comprehensive Workflows for Radioactive Material Management

Safely manage all aspects of your radioactive material and machine use from the initial permit request to the final waste pickup with our comprehensive solution. We provide a streamlined permitting and amendment application process for researchers with time-saving features such as an electronic use log with automated decay calculations for inventory items. The system is customized with your organization’s radioactive material license, allowing you to control your inventory by isotope and line number. Managing your material and compliance reporting has never been easier that with our unified solution.

Benefits for Researchers

  • Manage material inventories, including sealed sources, source material and special nuclear material and seeds.
  • Easily access and report real-time totals of radiological material in inventory, in process, in waste, and pending pickup.
  • Transfer material to another researcher or institution.
  • Initiate the creation of a waste tag and request a hazardous waste pickup.

Benefits for the Radiation Safety Team

  • Set institutional and laboratory license limits to ensure that activity limits stay within pre-set levels.
  • Validate required researcher training and add local training and certifications.
  • Assign dosimetry to individuals and make recommendations at the RUA level.
  • Track radiation-producing machines.
  • Maintain calibration records and details of instruments.
  • Reference historical activity in the extensive change log.
An individual wearing a lab coat and safety goggles cautiously manipulates a container labeled as containing radioactive materials within a controlled laboratory setting.

Ensure that researchers have the proper training to handle radioactive materials.

A close-up image of a white lab coat featuring a dosimetry badge attached to the chest area, used for monitoring radiation exposure levels in occupational settings

Keep your radioactive material within your license limits.