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Enhance Safety Culture with Customized Site Plans

We have partnered with UC Davis Medical Center to develop site plans which help to meet statewide guidance directives to reduce the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace. These plans can help with safe patient handling, workplace violence including keeping inventories of medical equipment, capturing employee acknowledgments, and review and renewal of expired plans.

You can start from a template or completely customize your own plan. The site plan can be applied at any level: organization, division, department, or even individual employee. Plans include the minimum requirements and worksite-specific safe operating procedures.

Elements of these plans may include:

  • SOPs
  • Cleaning and disinfecting for custodial environmental services
  • Proper PPE usage and emergency procedures for PPE incidents
  • Employee training on elements of the site plan

A photograph of an individual wearing protective gear exercises caution while handling materials, ensuring safety in the work environment

Start from a template or completely customize your own plan.