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Person typing on a computer with a thoughtOur customers who are responsible for Public Health surveys often come to us with a similar problem: They need a better way to manage the life cycle of their facilities’ surveys. Paper processes and outdated communication methods make everything from pre-survey setup to signing off on corrective actions cumbersome. Worse yet, the value and effectiveness of surveys are challenging to quantify, so creating meaningful change to a safety program is guesswork.

We designed our surveys solution in coordination with personnel from agencies just like yours. If you’d like to correct any of the problems listed below, keep reading about our solutions and how they can benefit your organization.


  • No easy way to manage the life cycle of surveys/inspections
  • Need to identify & document deficiencies, track notes, control access, and submit corrective action plans for a quality review
  • Lacking standardized reporting
  • Using antiquated technologies such as faxing, emailing, documents & spreadsheet

Solutions:iphone with a collection of data held by a hand

  • RSS inspection mobile app and cloud-based solution
  • RSS analytics & on-demand reporting


  • Centralized analytics & reporting by county, city, district, region, or state
  • Expedites the time from identifying a deficiency to correcting that deficiency
  • Automating and eliminating manual processes
  • Automatic notifications keep surveys on track for timely completion
  • Management can make informed decisions based on consistent and accurate data
  • Improves safety & compliance